Property Inspections

We perform periodic inspections of the property to determine how to improve the living standard and marketability of your investment.

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Investment Property Inspection Orange County, CA

Owning property, no matter the size, means your community must always be up to code. Routine inspections help prevent small issues from becoming big problems. Sometimes a simple walkthrough will not suffice, therefore, following a checklist of inspections to prevent mishaps is vital to your property. An experienced management company stays abreast of building codes to ensure dwellings within follow appropriate guidelines.

There are several checkpoints a property inspection can reveal, which can include examination of structural integrity, pipes, fixtures, cleanliness of the property, as well as alarm systems. Inspections also entail maintaining current and valid property insurance. The management company will ensure preventative maintenance is performed at necessary intervals. Once each inspection is complete, the management company can report the details of the property’s condition and note documentation for future inspections. These running records can be used as a gauge for comparison from previous to future inspections. Routine inspections are vital to the success and well-being of all stakeholders.

Dynamic Property Group has many years of experience managing property. We are knowledgeable about what to seek in building compliance and are trained to handle any problems that should arise. We have seen everything, so we can help prevent the same things from happening to our clients that have set others back in the past. Our commitment is to make sure your property is being maintained in the same way we would want our homes to be maintained. We understand this is a place for individuals to reside; not just a building we manage.